Reference Projects and Publications

Dr. Karin Reinprecht published and consulted on following projects in a leading position:



(carried out alone or in responsible position)

2017 Concept, organising and contributing to participative art project in Austria to collect memories and development ideas from the local population (one output: a newly developed story telling game for social research). Promoted by the Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark and the Artisan Museum Murau.
2017 Innovating the ILO FAMOS Check Tool (which I originally devloped in 2004): peer review, analysing innovation and restructuring ideas, exploring quantification possibilities, finding new name – packaging new tool
2017 Facilitating a workshop to prepare the operational plan for an integrated mineral resource initiative in Mongolia to enhance environmentally sustainable economic growth in the context of and in connection with mining industry (for GIZ)
2017 Holding of a 10 days Management Course for Junior Managers: “Management to Achieve Results in a Complex Environment”, in Austria
2017 Organising and managing of a 3-months artist residence of two artists from Bangladesh, of 5 workshops/talks on art and art related subjects. Organising of one art exhibition.
September 2016- March 2017 Developing gender-diagnosis and capacity assessment tools on individual level (online questionnaires), organizational level (quantitative and qualitative research tool) and survey tool for measuring impact; tools applied in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda for CARE; analysing data, producing research reports as input for improving individuals and organisations capacity, and elaborating a quantified baseline for impact level and organisation level effects.

REPORT: Karin Reinprecht: ‘Capacity Diagnoses: Gender Equality and Diversity, What topics to focus on, when strengthening the capacities of organisations and individuals to achieve gender equality and inclusion in ETHIOPIA, RWANDA, UGANDA.’, Learning For Change (L4C)/CARE, March 2017

2016 Preparing and training of managers of the Bank of Zambia (central bank) on product and organisation development for financial inclusion (Agro-financing, financing of young entrepreneurs, financing of business women), 2016
2016 UN Women Albania – elaborating Strategy and Work Plans 2017 – 2021 including strategies on women economic empowerment, political empowerment, elimination of violence, gender budgeting of state household;
2016 Peace-building in oPt and Israel – writing a proposal to EU for CARE (including CEDAW and UNSC resolution 1325)
2016 Developing the 2017 – 2021 Country Strategy for UN WOMEN in Albania (including CEDAW, Beijing+20, UN SC resolutions, Istanbul Convention)
2016 Supervising a research project on youth in agriculture in Morocco: how to support female and male youth to build a livelihood in agriculture (income, food security)
2016 Organising a cooperation between Lukas Ligeti, Austrian composer and musician, with composers and musicians from Bangladesh
January 2015 – June 2016 Coordination of the Gender and Youth research programme in agriculture for CGIAR – CRP Dryland Systems (framework contract January 2015 to June 2016): research projects on irrigation and gender in Malawi and Central Asia, food security and gender in Rajasthan, livestock and gender in Ethiopia, climate change and gender in Egypt, agriculture and youth in Tunisia and Morocco;
2015 Workshop: Systemic viability criteria as criteria for measuring research performance, and proposing a systems approach to manage gender-responsive research (2 hours workshop at ICARDA, Amman)
2015 Preparation of a proposal for a randomized control trial impact study on youth in an agricultural value chain in Tunisia, CRP Dryland Systems
2015 Integrating gender in systems analysis of agricultural livelihood systems to ensure food security: Holding a course jointly with systems modelling expert Bao Le Quang on: ‘Integrated, gendered Systems Modelling Research Approach to Dryland Systems: From Concepts to Practices and Implementation’, 10 days for young researchers
2015 Creating a systemic theory of change for gender and for youth in drylands agricultural livelihood systems (for the Youth and Gender Strategy of Dryland Systems)
2015 Evaluation of a women entrepreneurship development project in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda reaching out to 90% rural and 40% young women for ILO
2015 Building the capabilities of municipalities in Syria, to cope with the crisis, support the survival of their communities and to start building their future livelihoods – workshop and coaching the writing of a proposal to the EU (for Syrian NGO)
2015 Preparing and training of managers of the Bank of Zambia (central bank) on product and organisation development for financial inclusion (Agro-financing, financing of young entrepreneurs, financing of business women), 2015
2015 Due diligences of two banks and three non-bank financial institutions to be financed by  a new guarantee fund for agricultural financing in Albania, 2015
2015 Workshop with researchers and follow-up coordination of a joint social research proposal of nine European universities on European youth and precarious livelihoods
2015 Organising art mediation project in Bangladesh: training of art mediators for contemporary art in Bangladesh by Walter Stach, financed by the Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhi and the Bengal Art Foundation, March 2015
2014 Drivers of economic development in Bangladesh: researching three case studies for the World Bank, 2014
2014 Elaboration of a strategy and proposal to the EU to re-build the livelihood (food security through agriculture and income generation) of refugees and host-communities in Northern Syria including their psychosocial wellbeing (proposal won in December 2014)
2014 Elaborate a proposal to the EU for an intervention in the health sector in urban slums in Kenya (proposal won in August 2014)
2014 Gender Analyses of two health projects in Bangladesh for GIZ
2013 Mid-term evaluation of a programme for people with disabilities, which is implemented in seven Asian and African countries, ILO – PROPEL
2013 Carrying out a FAMOS Check (Gender Audit cum strategy) in an employers’ organisation, Malawi
2012 Develop recommendations to improve coordination in the aid coordination system, including UN and bilateral donors, regarding gender mainstreaming in the occupied Palestinian territory
2012 Evaluation of a data management project with the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Programme of the World Bank
2012 Making the business case to banks for financing women entrepreneurs in South Africa and in Lesotho
2012 Carrying out a FAMOS Check of an organisation of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Mozambique
2012 Carrying out a FAMOS Check in the Department for Economic Development and Tourism in KZN, South Africa
2012 FAMOS Check (gender audit, product and organisation development, financing strategy and financial projections) in a South African development bank
2012 Organisation consulting in an employers’ representation in Malawi with a focus on more inclusiveness of women entrepreneurs
2011/2012 Carrying out a Gender Survey to gender mainstream the aid coordination system in the occupied Palestinian territory
2011/2012 Supporting the One-Stop Shop in Lesotho to prepare an action plan for reaching out with its services to women entrepreneurs
2011 Concept paper for a combined infrastructure project (roads, water, electricity) aiming at local economic development in Afghanistan
2011 Preparation of three case studies on the effects and impacts of ILO/FAMOS Checks (organisational and gender audits) in South African organisations
2011 Study on extent and type of financing for women-owned SME in Sub-Saharan Africa for the African Development Bank
2011 Carrying out a FAMOS Check (organisational diagnosis and gender audit) for the One Stop Business Facilitation Centre in Maseru, Lesotho
2011 Piloting a gender awareness training for the staff of a large South African bank
2011 Facilitating focus groups for an UN organisation in preparation of an international conference on women entrepreneurs
2011 Review of key areas of the United Nations Country Team in the oPt to create ‘one UN’ regarding gender equality and women’s empowerment
2010/2011 Developing the 2011 – 2013 Country Strategy for UN WOMEN in the occupied Palestinian territory (economic development, democratisation support, elimination of violence against women and children)
2010 Gender Mainstreaming of the Agricultural Strategy of the Palestinian Authority in the occupied Palestinian territory
2010 Finding and defining joint indicators in the East African coffee sector – facilitation of a workshop with stakeholders from the private sector incl. companies and NGOs
2010 FAMOS Check – financial service improvement: of Training of Bankers in Zambia
2010 FAMOS Check – Gender Audit: International Training of Practitioners from Eastern Africa and Southern Africa
2010 Organising and curating the Photo Exhibition:  Football World Cup 2010 & GTZ Spotlight of the Year 2010
2010 Closing agriculture and tourism related businesses in Zimbabwe
2010 Carrying out a results-based Management Training (5 days) for Senior Managers in South Africa
2010 Women Enterprise Development: Training in Kenya of intermediaries (training organisations, business consultants, financing institutions) specialising in business development in different Eastern African Countries
2010 FAMOS Check and training (gender audit) of an organisation of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Mozambique
2009 -2011 Owning and managing an art project space – “Right on the Rim” – in Arts on Main (Johannesburg, South Africa); the projects included visual art, theatre, films, music performances;
2009 Evaluation (e-VAL) of a water programme in Zambia
2009 Carrying out a FAMOS Check (organisational diagnosis) in an apex organisation of business associations elaboration of recommendations
2009 Evaluation interviews (e-VAL) of a rural development programme in South Africa
2009 Carrying out a FAMOS Check (organisational diagnosis, inclusion of marginalised social groups) in an apex tourism organisation for tourism businesses in  Southern Africa
2009 Evaluation (e-VAL) of a fund supporting democratisation in Zimbabwe
2009 Organisation and curating of an international photo exhibition in Johannesburg
2009 Organising an international photographic workshop in Johannesburg
2009 Development of a due diligence tool for selection of project partners (ILO)
2009 Evaluation (e-VAL) of a rural decentralisation project in Lesotho
2009 Market study (overview European Development Banks, demand in Austria) and Elaborating recommendations on strategic and marketing issues of a European development bank
2009- 2010 Organisation of a small exhibition of contemporary South African art in Germany
2008-2009 Researching the financial analysis section of a study on microfinance institutions in Nicaragua
2008 Writing an evaluation report of a rural development programme in Laos
2008 Elaboration of a gtz project proposal to the German Ministry of Environment in the field of renewable energy
2008 Capacity Development for Women Entrepreneurs (for ILO) in East Africa (10 days training course)
2008 Designing and carrying out a viability analysis of a South African rural municipality
2008 Carrying out a FAMOS check (organisational diagnosis and gender audit) in a Kenyan bank and recommendations regarding banking products and products
2007 Building of  a transparent administration system in a municipality in Eastern Cape, South Africa (as institutions building and gender specialist)
2007 Elaborating a Viability Study for a South African Municipality
2007 Researching the enterprise culture of Azeri Youth, Azerbaijan
2007 Elaboration of a gtz project proposals and public-private partnerships for the SADC basic energy project
2007 Evaluation a SADC programme for ensuring access to basic energy for poor households, social organisations and small businesses
2007 Review of the strategy of the Austrian Development Co-operation in Zimbabwe (energy provision, economic and rural development)
2007 Elaboration of an assessment tool and intervention guide for enterprise culture development and capacity building for ILO;
2007 Evaluation of a project for the promotion of trade and investment in the SADC region
2007 Assessment of the progress of six income generation and civil society development projects (“Projektfortschrittskontrolle”) in Zimbabwe
2006-2007 Taking stock of mutual guarantee associations of SME in Sub-Saharan Africa (in French)
2006 Thematic evaluation of 20 women entrepreneurship projects and programmes of ILO
2006 Evaluation of an association building project in Burkina Faso
2006 Preparation of a tender document for the development of a municipality in Limpopo, South Africa
2006 Preparation of financing proposal to EDF 9 for gtz
2006 Contribution to formulation of SME project proposal for Burkina Faso
2005 Design of a strategy to promote enterprise culture in Sri Lanka: six weeks research jointly with Sri Lankan anthropologist and recommendations for intervention to promote entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka
2005 Elaboration of the Programme for Private Sector Development in Burkina Faso (in French)
2005 Programme for Private Sector Development in Burkina Faso
2005 Guideline for Gender Mainstreaming of BDS projects for ILO
2005 Elaboration of the Regional Programme for Central America (in Spanish) for the Austrian Development Cooperation
2005 Developing jointly a UN programme for private sector/SME development in Tanzania (representing ILO as one of three consultants)
2005 Evaluation and reorganisation of guarantee fund in Serbia
2004 Evaluation of solar energy project in Zimbabwe
2004 Monitoring of SME promotion project in Bulgaria
2004 Due diligence of an Albanian bank for KfW
2004 Evaluation and reorganisation of guarantee fund in Serbia
2004 Gender Mainstreaming of BDS projects: Guideline for ILO
2004 Creation of a “service quality self-checkfor BDS providers, financing institutions, government administration and association
2004 Due diligence of a Montenegrin bank for KfW
2004 Monitoring of credit line in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Federation and Rep. Sprska)
2003-2004 Gender Mainstreaming of the SME sector policy of the Tanzanian Ministry of Industry and Trade
2003 Suggestions for improvement for four rural microfinance projects in Africa
2003 Microfinance workshops in Burkina Faso (in French)
2003 Due diligence of three Albanian microfinance institutions for KfW
2003 Due diligence of a rural  microfinance institution in Burkina Faso
2003-2004 Elaboration of an Implementation Plan for the SME sector policy for the Tanzanian Ministry of Industry and Trade (SME department) for ILO
2003 Financial sector analysis for Romania for KfW
2003 Due diligence of a Bulgarian bank for KfW
2003 Financial sector analysis for Albania for KfW
2003 Evaluation of a economic and business linkage and networking project in Senegal for UNIDO (in French)
2002-2004 Information letters on new tools for poverty alleviation of enterprise development interventions for the Austrian Development Cooperation
2002 Small study on new methods of agricultural financing for Austrian Development Cooperation
2002 Due diligence of a bank in Serbia for KfW
2002 Training on Logical Framework analysis for EU-PHARE project employees
2002 Study on rural finance in Montenegro for Austrian Development Cooperation
2002 Economic and poverty analysis of South-Eastern Europe and strategy development for CARE International
2002 Strategy elaboration for economic development in South-Eastern Europe (for Cooperation with Eastern Europe in the Austrian Development Cooperation)
2002 Due diligence of one bank and one rural microfinance programme in Montenegro for KfW
2002 Financing environmentally safe production in Romania for World Wildlife Fund
2002 MSME-policy and programme for the Austrian Development Co-operation
2001 Preparing information on international trade and WTO-issues and Fair trade for the Austrian Development Cooperation
2001-2002 Acting as tender agency for a BDS project (milk sector) in Tanzania
2001 Microfinance workshops in Senegal and Burkina Faso
2000 SME Financing Gap – organising a Conference in Austria for the Donor Working Group on Financial Sector Development (financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation) (the consultant acted as the representative of the Austrian Development Cooperation on the Donor Working Group for SME and financial sector development for 9 years;
2000 Work plan for Chinese chambers of commerce of business women
2000 Financial sector study in Croatia for KfW
2000 Creation of a wood cluster – team member for business development (EU-project in Slovakia)



  • How to bring about Social Inclusion, November 18, 2014
  • Resource Kit for Promoting an Enabling Enterprise Culture, ILO Tool to be published in 2008 (presentation of Resource Kit at BDS conference in Thailand 2008)
  • FAMOS Check[1] – Gender Audit Tool: Guiding Questions and FAMOS Check Methods: or how to carry out a FAMOS Check, as an ILO organisation development tool for inclusion, 2004 (published in 2007) ––en/index.htm
  • An enabling culture for economic and business development: Are policy interventions possible?, paper for the Donor Conference on Enabling Business Environment in Cairo, Dec. 2005
  • Taking into account culture in BDS interventions, Small Enterprise Journal, second quarter 2005
  • Developing rural service markets, taking into account cultural and social contexts and systems, paper and presentation for the international BDS seminar in Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 2004
  • Economic Development and Cultural Anthropology, Lecture (plus script) at the University of Vienna, 2004
  • Success Factors for Business Women, WIDE Austria, 2000
  • Non-verbal Communication in Zanzibar (Thesis), University of Vienna, 1987
  • Forecast Austria, Economic Intelligence Unit, London 1999
  • Instruments for the Development of Micro-, Small- and Medium Enterprises (Tools-Checklists for SME finance, microfinance, BDS, enabling environment development), Austrian Development Cooperation 2002
  • Perspectives and Experiences in the field of Marketing of Processed Agricultural Products from Nicaragua and Tanzania, ILO BDS Training, Turin 2002
  • Better access to finance for SME by linking the goals to interventions via benchmarking (published on, 2004
  • Manual for the Installation of Microfinance Programs, Austrian Development Cooperation, 1995
  • November 2017, WIDE: Half-day Lecture and Discussion on Mining and Care-Economy: How do African Women benefit from African Economic Growthat the 7th Austrian Development Day at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz with the title: “sozial-ökologische Transformationen jetzt! (social-ecological transformation now)”; presentation: ‘Do women in Africa equally benefit from mining?

Countries, I worked in:

I worked in following countries, when they were in crisis: Croatia, Serbia, Republica Srpska, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Zimbabwe, the occupied Palestinian territory, Afghanistan, Bangladesh
ASIA: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, India, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, Vietnam
AFRICA: Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe
EASTERN EUROPE: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia
LATIN AMERICA: Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua
MIDDLE EAST: Jordan, occupied Palestinian territory, Syria, Turkey



List of Projects before 2000


1993 to 1999


Participating in the credit decision committee of a Rumanian finance programme
  Training of a credit officer/manager from Albania
  Closing of a small credit programme in Cape Verde
  Assessment and feasibility study for  the installation of a Credit programme for Bosnian SMEs
  Supervising preparation of manual for rural microcredit
  Re-structuring of a leasing programme in Rumania
  Installation and monitoring of a leasing programme in Bulgaria
  Monitoring of the installation of a leasing programme and business incubator in Bulgaria
  Monitoring (and partly mediation) of the micro-finance projects in Namibia
  Marketing of the Manual for the implementation of microfinance programmes
  Production of a Manual for the implementation of microfinance programmes (incl. building of computer models)
  Training on SME feasibility study and credit (UNIDO)
  Restructuring of a credit programme for small miners in Zimbabwe
  Organising and holding three Microcredit Workshops
  Preparing a feasibility study for a rural microcredit programme in Zimbabwe
  Training of credit officers in Romania
  Monitoring of the implementation of microfinance programs in Namibia and Zimbabwe
  Installing a microfinance and small credit programme in Namibia – LISKAMENA
  Training of Zimbabwean bankers in SME credit analysis
  Installing a reconstruction Fund in Pakrac, Croatia – Kraina
1994 to 1999

Small Business Development

Private Sector Development Programme for Namibia for the Austrian Development Cooperation
Study about the development of networks of business women (in general)
Private Sector Development Programme for Nicaragua and organisation consulting for the representative office (in Spanish)
Elaboration of a private sector programme in Zimbabwe
Elaboration of the tourism policy in the Austrian Development Co-operation
Strategy development for an Austrian NGO
Strategy for SME-development in 5 Eastern European countries for the Austrian Federal Chancellery
Private Sector Development Programme for Burkina Faso for the Austrian Development Cooperation (in French)
Sector policy for the development of micro, small and medium businesses for the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Study on the marketing of SME-products and agro-business products in developing countries
Marketing of an Austrian tourism business
Private Sector Development Programme for Namibia the Austrian Development Cooperation
Private Sector Development Programme in Zimbabwe for the Austrian Development Cooperation
Project finding mission in Rumania and tender agency for this project for the Austrian Federal Chancellery
Analysis of Bosnian credit programs and banks, financial sector analysis and strategy development
Workshop for Private Sector Development for partners of the Austrian Development Cooperation
Supporting project development in Cape Verde (development coordination bureau of Austria)
Strategy consulting for the programming for the SME sector in Cape Verde, Mozambique, Nicaragua
Forecast of macroeconomics, business policy and politics in Austria for the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU, London)
  Evaluation of a leasing programme in Rumania
  Evaluation of credit guarantee programme in Cape Verde
1995 to 1999

Organisation Building

Capacity building in the Romanian Agency for SME (parastatal) – training on Logical Framework and Financial Analysis
  Organising and holding of several BDS Workshops for the  Austrian Development Cooperation
  Evaluation of institutional development plan of an NGO in Austria
  Organising a market research on BDS in Senegal
  Acting as tender agency for 3 tenders (Rumania, Cape Verde)
  Acting as tender agency for 3 tenders in Bulgaria
  Project development for the training of MSME in the NE- region in Bulgaria (Logical Framework)