26. und 28. April, 2017, in der Alten Apotheke Murau

Management Course for Junior Managers  – “Management to Achieve Results in a Complex Environment”

This is what you can expect: 2 days course, each day from 10 – 17 o’clock (one hour lunch break)

Module 1 – Results-oriented leadership

Including sessions on ‘Recognize yourself and your performance profile’ and ‘Five management skills to reach results’

Module 2 – Complexity management

Focussing on ‘Flow with the system and achieve results’

Module 3 – Bring about innovative change for continuous top performance

Discussing Do’s and Don’ts of Change management and ways to bring about innovative change

Module 4 – Communicate to achieve results

This includes sessions on how to manage difficult communications and conflict, how to communicate best with employees and peers, and a self-test on what type of communicators participants are.

We have tested responses to contemporary management challenges. 60 years of research in management of systems cumulated in a clear set of approaches managers need to take for achieving success. We put together a management course in modules influenced by Fredmund Malik, Peter Drucker and Frederic Vester. To ensure future success of junior managers, a two days’ course has been put together. The modular approach allows to tailor courses to the needs of participant’s background in a specific company or organisations.

Costs: 300 Euro for all 4 modules; 85 Euro per Module. Students and Unemployed are entitled to a price reduction. (certificate of attendance, materials and refreshments included in the price)

Trainers: Dr. Karin Reinprecht & David Hancock

Registration: Karin Reinprecht 0043-(0)664-104 8478 | David Hancock 0043-(0)664-3718095 |


Veränderungsmanagement im Betrieb beginnt mit persönlicher Veränderung der Mitarbeitenden inklusive der Managerinnen und Manager und Aufsichtsratsmitglieder.

Ein Beispiel für das Angebot durch das Trainertandem Reinprecht/Stoisser:

  • Typische Fallen, die Veränderung (ver)hindern
  • Uns selber ändern
  • Andere in unserer Umgebung ändern
  • Unsere Umgebung ändern
  • Entscheidungen treffen
  • Vorausschau: was ändert sich im System durch meine Entscheidung und Aktion (Systemische Implikationen meiner Entscheidung)
  • Erarbeiten persönlicher und betrieblicher Veränderungspläne

Example for a management training programme on change:

Module 1 – Recognize yourself and your performance profile

  • What makes a good female and male manager
  • Self-evaluation of performance profile
  • How to strengthen your strengths and those of others to ensure performance or how to achieve outstanding results with «normal» people

Module 2 – Flow with the system and achieve results

  • Fitting smoothly into the system and managing it actively
  • Managing for viability and results in a complex environment

Module 3 – Bring about innovative change for continuous top performance

  • Harness complex environments and achieve growth: when do we need to change?
  • Creative destruction, innovation, comfort zones: how can change be brought about? And what obstructs change?

Module 4 – Communicate to achieve results

  • What type of communicator are you?
  • Communication for result achievement – and differences in communication by and with men and women
  • How to communicate in difficult situations?



How to create a viable research organisation through gender-responsiveness?

A 15 minutes video of an In-house seminar of ICARDA/CGIAR on “Management and Organization Leading to Gender-Responsive Research for Development – a discussionpresented by Dr. Karin Reinprecht, Program Coordinator, CRP Dryland Systems. The video focuses on viability criteria of systems as performance criteria for gender-reseponsive researh organisation: Viable research organisations


How to integrate gender concerns into research management?

Gender & Management – see here why and how in a 3 minutes animation


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